STARStreet* Volume one-'Best Friends'.
Released September 17
Featuring 5 episodes and 26 minutes of unseen footage plus 5 FREE fan cards!

Episode 1- Best Friends
Sam,Thaila,Ashley and Becky are looking for a new housemate. It is hard to find the right person who can cope with life in a house that has a mind of it's own, until they meet Sandi!
Song- 'Best Friends'

Episode 2- Lost Little Things
Loads of things keep going missing on STARStreet* - first clothes and then Ashley! Sam and Becky discover that they have all disappeared down the back of the sofa into a whole new world.
Song- 'Lost Without You'

Episode 3- Bump In The Night
Ashley and Sam decide to brave the great outdoors and go camping while the girls stay in and watch a scary movie. The movie proves too scary for the girls and they hide together but something spooky is going on downstairs ....
Song- 'Things That Go Bump In The Night'

Episode 4- Butterflies
Becky thinks that a bouquet of roses from a 'secret admirer' might be from Ashley. While Thaila interviews bumblebees to help identify the culprit, Becky tries to stop the butterflies in her stomach from escaping.

Episode 5- Deja Vu
Becky has one of her clumsy moments and the house control system goes up in smoke. Sam tries to fix it, but things go haywire...time keeps rewinding, the allSTARS* are talking backwards and Becky's got a serious case of deja vu!
Song- 'Out Of Sync'

Episode 6- Thaila's Party
The girls and guys plan a suprise birthday party for Thaila. But it's not Thaila's birthday and she thinks they're ignoring her.
Song- 'Funkey'

Episode 7- The Greatest Love Story
Sam catches Becky sleep-talking. Becky panics that she's revealed her secret crush on Ashley, but actually she's declared her private passion for synchronised swimming.
Song- 'Greatest Love Stories'

Episode 8- Inside Ashley's Head
Something's not right with Ashley. He's in a complete daze. The others find the key to his head and go inside to investigate.
Song- 'Train Of Thought'

Episode 9- Makeover Madness
Thaila finds a hair salon's hairdryer and tries it out on Sandi and Ashley. Little does she know but its really a mind body matter transporter! The concenquences are hilarius!
Song- 'Is There Something I Should Know'

Episode 10- The Hot Ticket
Sandi gets two tickets to a showbiz film premiere but she can't choose who to take with her.
Song- 'Tearing Up The World'

Episode 11- The Wrong Side
Sam wakes up on the wrong side of bed and everything goes wrong until he goes back to bed and gets out of the right side! Meanwhile the others prepare for a barbeque.
Song- 'Hotdog'

Episode 12- Fancy Dress Party

The allSTARS* are invited to a fancy dress party and they have to dress as "their true self". They all think of something except for Becky!
Song: 'Shine The Light'

Episode 13- The Last Episode

Sandi is planning to go to Australia to live with her sister but can't find the right way to tell the others. Then they all have the same dream but what can it all mean?
Song- 'Happy Ever After Endings'




STARStreet* Volume 2- Thaila's Party

STARStreet* Volume 3
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