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STARStreet* is a fun, fantasy, musical television pop sensation featuring the talented young band allSTARS*.

Sam, Thaila, Ashley, Rebecca and Sandi are five best mates, living in the worlds coolest house which has a life and personality all of its own - the clocks answer back, the fridge hands you what you want to eat, and the firemans pole goes up as well as down!

STARStreet* is a cool, colourful, whimsical world where best friends hang out together and share new experiences, relationships and adventures.

They regularly find themselves in the most extraordinary situations, such as falling down the back of the sofa and discovering a world full of odd socks, performing synchronised swimming in a flooded sitting room and even going inside one anothers heads!

allSTARS* are Sam, Thaila, Ashley, Rebecca and Sandi. Notice that the first letters of their names spell out STARS!
allSTARS* debut single 'Best Friends' charted at No 20. 'Bump in the night/Is there something I should know'entered the charts at number 12!!!(Woo Hoo!!).
allSTARS* should have an album out soon featuring the best songs from series 1 and 2 of STARStreet*!
Their 3rd single is "The Land of make believe!" which reached number 9 in the charts!! Their new song "Back When" is released soon, get promoting!

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Back When released soon!!!